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Parent Center

They are the first and irreplaceable educators of their children. In this sense, the Educational Community not only recognizes their right and duty to participate in a coordinated way in the educational process, but also promotes and stimulates their own personal development.
For this reason, the Educational Community must generate spaces, forms and mechanisms that empower families as active members of the same, establishing channels, themes and spaces for communication and permanent dialogue between home and school.
We affirm that the active participation of families and parents will be promoted by the educational center through commissions, councils, course representatives and other forms organized in a democratic manner that allow the representativeness and development of
Families and guardians are organized in a General Center for Parents and Guardians, which is their representative body. Its main mission is to combine its efforts to collaborate with the school in the development of various projects that have as their goal the objectives specified in the Educational Project.
They maintain fluid and permanent communication with all members of the educational community, respecting the corresponding regular channels, both to obtain and disseminate among their members information related to policies, programs and projects.
education of the school, such as to raise, when appropriate, the concerns, motivations and suggestions of parents, related to the educational process and life

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