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School Integration Program - PIE

The School Integration Program (PIE) is a strategy of the school system,  raised by the Ministry of Education, whose objective is to contribute to the continuous improvement of the quality of education, favoring the presence in the classroom, the participation and the achievement of the learning of each and every one of the students, especially of those who present a special educational need, either Permanent  or transient.


Special Educational Needs are those in which a student requires  greater support, whether human, material or educational, for their development  and learning.

SEN treated at the facility

Permanent SEN are: Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Motor Disorder, Visual Disability, Multiple Disorders.

Transient SEN of a transitory nature: Specific Language Impairment, Borderline Intellectual Functioning, Specific Learning Difficulty, Attention Deficit Disorder.

Specialist teachers

support professionals

Psychologist: María Paz Sepúlveda

Social workers: Pamela Valdés – Carolina Riquelme

Speech therapist: Oscar Albán

Kinesiologist: Carolina Quezada

Differential education assistant: Pamela Muñoz

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