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In the schools of the Congregation of Jesus in Chile, the Educational Community is a space of human interrelation centered on the person of Jesus Christ, where its actors grow and develop physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. They interact and play different roles in pursuit of a shared vision, they offer a genuine contribution to society to make it more just and fraternal, and a valuable contribution to the Church, servant of life.


The educational community is a hopeful testimony, which shows that just as God exists in joyful communion with Him and through the path of discernment, he seeks to do his will with love, justice, freedom, truthfulness and joy, promoting the Educational Ideology of the Foundress.


The sense of community of the schools of the Congregation of Jesus is: “everyone knows each other, the students feel confident in developing themselves; schools are open towards foreigners, tolerant towards the new, open towards others”.


The permanent interrelation, between the members of the community in pursuit of a healthy school coexistence, is based on dialogue, active listening, solidarity, tolerance, mutual respect, appreciation of diversity and the search for consensus.


The internal regulations and manuals that govern our schools are inspired by the core principles and values of our founder. They are prepared in a participatory manner with all levels and are subject to periodic review so that they are a valid, current and useful instrument for the needs of the members of the educational community.

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