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Technical Pedagogical Unit - UTP

  Among the Curriculum functions of the UTP  we highlight:

  Propose the necessary readjustments to the current Study Programs, in accordance with the needs and characteristics of the school community and in accordance with current regulations.
• Watch over and supervise the adequate application of the Study Plans and Programs.
• Supervise, advise and maintain files, in the planning of the didactic units elaborated by the different Departments and/or Workshops of Subjects of the Lyceum.
• Coordinate and plan the proper use of material, audiovisual and computer resources, as support for the development activities of the different learning units of the different subsectors.
• Promote and contribute to the improvement of teachers in the application of teaching media, methods and techniques, which ensure effectiveness in student learning.
• Promote the acquisition and/or preparation of teaching materials and/or equipment and study texts in accordance with the requirements of the high school, and ensure the rational use of existing means and resources.
• Periodically control the contents or activities in the class books, making observations to the Teachers.
• Develop a system and the necessary procedures so that the Management Team can carry out a systematic action of Supervision or accompaniment to the teaching work in the classroom, in order to ensure the improvement of the teaching and learning process.
• Supervise and evaluate extracurricular and collaborative activities according to the needs and resources of the Liceo, according to what is planned by the corresponding managers.
• Keep the Plans and study programs and the Plans of the subsectors available to teachers.
• Supervise the functioning of the Library service and ensure the permanent increase of an updated Bibliography for the teaching that is imparted.
• Organize the calendars of curricular activities.
• Promote and coordinate the use of ICTs and innovation in pedagogical practices.

The Head of the Technical-Pedagogical Unit is the Senior Management Teacher, who is immediately responsible for organizing, coordinating and supervising the Technical-Pedagogical work of the different bodies of the Lyceum, so that they work efficiently and harmoniously. In all its actions, it will coordinate the instructions given by management with the needs and availability of the organizations under its charge.

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