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School life

The School Coexistence area of the María Ward Polyvalent High School is made up of the person in charge of School Coexistence, a social worker and a psychologist corresponding to each cycle.


The School Coexistence team aims to "Promote a healthy coexistence and a culture of good treatment in the school community, based on respect, dialogue and the participation of the different actors of the educational community, thus favoring comprehensive training and the personal, spiritual, emotional and social development of our students and their families, based on our spirituality and founded on our institutional hallmarks”.


This team is responsible for the management of the School Coexistence Plan of the high school and the design, planning, implementation and evaluation of the various training processes and experiences linked to the development of actions that promote healthy school coexistence and the development and comprehensive training of students, families and our collaborators.


We believe that a healthy school coexistence must be participatory and integrative, inclusive and democratic, promoting the inherent rights of human beings and teaching with this to live with another, fostering a community where everyone feels welcomed, recognized and listened to.


We are confident that the processes that this team promotes direct the educational behavior of our students towards a comprehensive and integrative development in light of the spirit and charism of our founder María Ward.


Our team

maria paz (1).jpg

Maria Paz Sepulveda

Psychologist, in charge of School Coexistence


Ricardo Espinoza

High School Psychologist

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Carolina Riquelme

Social worker


Carlos Repson-Molina

Basic Education Psychologist

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