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Professional Technical Area-  Gastronomy


The Professional Technician area in our high school was born in 1988 with the career of Livestock Technician and in 1989 the careers of Industrial Processing in Dairy Products and Industrial Processing of Meats and Sausages were incorporated.


In the year 2001, the Industrialization area is changed and the aforementioned careers are ended, for the Food area, creating 2 new careers.  which are: Industrial Food Processing and Food Service  Collective Food.


In 2016, the Industrial Food Processing career was closed (its last promotion was in 2017) and the plans and programs were modified and the Collective Food Service career was changed to Gastronomy with a mention in cooking.  o Pastry Mention, being the Kitchen mention the one that imparts our high school.

Learning Objectives of the specialty

Gastronomy for the common plan:

  • Request, receive, store and label raw materials, supplies and materials, applying established procedures and digital and manual inventory systems to respond to the requirements of gastronomic services.

  • Sanitize and clean raw materials, supplies, utensils, equipment and infrastructure, using authorized chemical products and complying with current health regulations.

  • Elaborate products of low gastronomic complexity using equipment and utensils to process the raw materials and required supplies.

  • Sort, organize and dispose of intermediate products, supplies, equipment and utensils, according to their organoleptic characteristics, the gastronomic preparation process and hygiene and safety regulations.

  • Prepare low-complexity foods considering basic products or techniques according to what is indicated in the technical sheet and/or in the instructions of the kitchen manager, applying cutting and cooking techniques, using equipment and utensils, controlling the temperature parameters and moisture using appropriate instruments.

  • Monitor the status of raw materials, inputs and intermediate and final products, based on basic physical-chemical, microbiological and sensory analysis of the same, and applying quality assurance techniques and procedures that allow compliance with established quality and safety standards, in accordance with current regulations.

  • Assemble, decorate and present different types of gastronomic products, using basic culinary techniques to serve them, according to the indications of recipes, protocol and type of service requested.

  • Arrange implements, ornaments and utensils in dining rooms, bars and lounges, according to the characteristics of the event or service to be delivered, applying aesthetic, hygiene and quality principles.

Learning Objectives of the Mention Kitchen


Upon graduation from Technical-Professional Secondary Education, students are expected to have developed the following skills associated with the mention:


  • Prepare a variety of basic cuisine dishes, fast and slow, according to the tastes and culinary customs of various areas of the country, as well as healthy eating requirements, meeting quality standards.

  • Prepare basic gastronomic products of international cuisine, from countries such as Peru, Mexico, China, France, Italy, among others, complying with specifications and quality standards.

  • Prepare various cocktails of habitual consumption with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, according to national and international recipes.

  • introduce variations in the recipes of gastronomic products of the basic kitchen and/or in the way of serving them, seeking to improve flavors and textures to adapt them to the taste of a diverse demand.

  • Prepare letters and menus for services and establishments of frequent or massive consumption, which consider the season of the year, the type of client and their nutritional requirements, the availability of supplies.

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Regulation of practice and certification

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