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Conóce al grupo de profesionales que día a día trabaja junto a cada estudiantes en sus logros y avances personales.

Nuestro Equipo

The School Integration Program of the María Ward Polyvalent High School seeks to contribute to the comprehensive development of students with special educational needs, made up of a team of trained and specialized professionals. In addition, it seeks to promote and develop academic, physical and socio-affective skills, empowering our families as allies in the teaching-learning process, through joint work in a systematic, personalized and group manner.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, it intends to contribute to the continuous improvement of life skills, promoting the difficulties that may arise, whether they are permanent or transitory, evaluating said deficiencies with specific tools according to their age range, to promote integration at your group of peers in an efficient, effective and effective way, deploying our best tools and placing them in the hands of the Lord, seeking to do good and do it well.

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