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Sister Armella Hutzler, Sister Berta Augustin and Sister Josefina Hennerberger were German nuns from the Congregation of Jesus who arrived in Chile at an early age and had to assume the mission of founding a school in an extremely poor community with notorious cultural deficiencies. Our commune of San Ignacio was chosen, specifically a small village that today is the Communal Capital.

In 1958, Private School No. 13 was founded, which welcomed many children and adolescents who, guided by nuns and educators, managed to acquire values, Christian and educational training that allowed them an elusive personal growth for those times.


In 1988, Private School No. 13 ceased as such, giving way to its transformation into the current María Ward Polyvalent High School .


  This Liceo is one of the main Educational Centers of the commune of San Ignacio, in the Ñuble Region. 

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Hna. josephine hennerberger

Hna. Armella Hutzler

Hna. Bertha Augustin

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