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Las Bibliotecas Escolares CRA (Centro de Recursos para el Aprendizaje), tienen como objetivo apoyar el logro de las metas de aprendizaje establecidas en el currículum nacional propuesto por la Reforma Educacional chilena. Éstas promueven el desarrollo de habilidades en los estudiantes, en diferentes áreas del conocimiento y la lectura, a través de una apropiación efectiva de los recursos educativos, en sus diversos formatos y soportes.


Learning Resource Center

"Promote interest in information, reading and knowledge, through creative meeting and learning spaces for the school community."

In this mission, various concepts are combined that describe the CRA's reason for being and provide specific guidelines on what they are and what they should aspire to. This model takes shape in the publication  Standards for School Libraries CRA, where the eight management areas of the school library have a clear and measurable representation.

In the first place, school libraries encourage interest in information, reading and knowledge, understanding them as the elements that constitute the path to knowledge and personal training. This is achieved through constant innovation in its pedagogical and administrative management.

"School libraries should encourage interest in information, reading and knowledge."

For this it is necessary that they have an institutional framework that supports their work and allows them to make available to their users the resources and tools for their comprehensive training. These must be relevant to the educational project of the establishment, considering curricular management, promotion of reading, research and information literacy.

Secondly, the CRA school libraries make available to the educational community spaces that go beyond the physical itself. It is about generating and maintaining creative and dynamic spaces, which allow creating and stimulating the senses; that are related to other areas of the establishment and that promote the development of the school community in its personal being and in its being a citizen. In addition, it is necessary that they are properly defined and organized, that they be welcoming for users and at the same time allow them free access to resources.

Thirdly, the CRA school library seeks to generate instances of meeting and learning through significant experiences linked to the teaching process, recreation and daily life. In this way, an impact is generated in individuals and in the community, through human and cultural exchange between the different actors.

Finally, we must not forget that the work of the CRA School Libraries is aimed at the school community as a whole: students, teachers, directors, administrators, parents and guardians, that is, everyone who has a relationship with the establishment, in its internal and external sphere. This includes the creation of collaborative networks with various cultural, academic entities and other libraries.

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