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The spring of 1906, in Bamberg, Germany, witnessed the birth of a woman who, in her eighty-eight years of life, gave those around her a daily testimony of Christian life.


His mission at the service of the Church began at the age of 17  in the old continent, from where it is transferred to Chile, arriving in December 1934 in the city of Antofagasta. Still not knowing the Spanish language and with many other difficulties, she had to fulfill the mission entrusted to her: the Congregation of Jesus sought to continue spreading the kingdom of God in Chile and she had to be the pioneer . The German School for young ladies was then created in this northern city. She remained in this area for two years and was transferred to Concepción to found the care service at the “Leonor Mascayano” girls' hospital.


In 1950 he arrived in Santiago where he began to exercise that activity that turned out to be the passion of his life: assisting the most needy .


Along with two other nuns of the Congregation, in  1958, Sister  Armella Hutzler reached the commune of San Ignacio, in Ñuble. His missionary work began  at Escuela Particular Nº 13. Day after day, and tirelessly, he was seen bustling through the corridors of the school. They were 34 years destined to serve as "the missionary among the poorest". Several generations witnessed his work,  the perseverance in her tasks and her unconditional service to those in need, made her sisters of the Congregation of Jesus distinguish her as the "Strong Woman of the Gospel" .


On a cold winter day, May 25, 1994, being in the house "Maria Ward"  in Santiago, she is called to meet the Father and his son Jesus, whom she served on earth.


During his life he never expected  reward: he gave up his high economic and social status; to comfort and sedentary lifestyle; his cultural baggage was expanded with the simplicity of the people he met and  He always made the ideal and desire of Maria Ward his own: "Love the poor, persevere in their love, live, die and rise with them."

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