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feedback infographic

Justification of texts 2021

Formative Assessment Infographic

Assessment for learning

teaching strategies

Design of PBL activities

Indicative Standards - Toddlers

Indicative standards - Elementary and Middle

Example​​ hypothetical weightings 2021

Development of teaching skills

panoramic notebook

online education articles

Tips for teachers on the first days of school

PBL Book 2020

Evaluation as an opportunity (Rebeca Anijovich)

Evaluate to learn (Rebeca Anijovich)

Assessment infographic (MideUC)

Evaluation: Much more than making notes 

note making challenge

Objective and indicators

Reading promotion tools

Teaching diversity. Everything improves

What we teach in 2021

Annex 1. Back to school planning

Annex 2. Student socio-emotional booklet

File for Covid-19 cases (Face-to-face)

Situation of students not connected to remote classes

flipped classroom


Keys to teaching mathematics

Keys for students to retain what they learn

14 pedagogical principles

virtual students

Curricular prioritization (1st to 8th grade) 

Keys and tips for a virtual class to be effective and attractive

Evaluation sheet guides and works

Tips for classes by WhatsApp

Metacognition ladder 

Teaching Strategies Manual

Practical guide: Descriptive feedback

Model: learning path 

Framework for good teaching

Framework for good management and leadership

Instruments to evaluate 

4 steps to know what and how students learn

Post-pandemic professional skills

Follow-up sheet for head teachers

PIE Professional Tracking Sheet

Daily evidence sheet 

Monitoring worksheet learning guides 

"I learn because I want to" - Juan José Vergara Ramírez

How to promote and evaluate authentic learning in the context of distancing? - Chile Foundation 

Differentiation in Teaching - Kira Ausin 

Authentic Evidence Design - Rebeca Anijovic 

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